New Zealand

Land of my dreams.

My Car for the North

My Car for the North

September 2005 – After weeks of preparation I had my bags packed and waited for the train. It was cold here and I was really ready to go. After a pretty long flight with Qantas I arrived at the 22nd of October at the International Airport of Auckland. The officer who checked my passport got definitely confused with my broad smile. Later I was pretty sure that he was very close to let my bags check again. But I was just happy to be finally in New Zealand. At the Airport I got my car, which was a brand new Ford Fiesta with just a few Kilometers on the clock and off it went to the hotel to have a nice, proper bed.A shower and few hours of sleeping and I was ready to hit the city.

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. 1.5 million citizens – so it is the size of Hamburg or Munich.

Auckland TV-Tower

The hotel was about 30 minutes away from downtown. So this walk was more than welcome after these hours of sitting in Boeing 747. The city itself is quite nice, not what I was here for, but nice. For some strange reasons I can not explain I went for a Doner Kebab in a small turkish Kebab-Stall. After that very tasty Kebab I strolled around but since I was still a bit tired and I wanted to leave the city early next morning I was just  looking for a supermarket to buy some food for the journey.

The next morning was beautiful, the sun was shining and the breakfast-room was lovely and we had a great buffet. Grabbed my stuff, hopped into my car and off I went. To the north. BAY of ISLAND. Sounds beautiful,isn’t it? Within a few hours I planned to be there. That was the plan. But I got overhwelmed by the beauty of the scenery. I literally stopped every corner to take pictures. It was just so amazing.

 I discovered there a few bands and artists…

-Hayley Westenra “Odyssey”

-Anika Moa “Stolen Hill”

-Oceania “II”

and on my way back from Australia:


-The John Butler Trio

-Spiderbait “Alright”






Auckland Skyline

Auckland Skyline

View from the Hotel-Room

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